Your Home Should Be Clean, Dry and Fungi-Free

Fungi doesn't just look gross - it poses a huge health risk to your family, as well. Fortunately, Foothills Moisture Solutions is here to minimize health risks and make your home a safe haven again. We offer fungi remediation, and moisture solutions services in Easley and Greenville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Has heavy rainfall or humidity weather damaged your property?

Contact Foothills Moisture Solutions now to restore your crawl space to its former glory.

Moisture Control is More Important than You'd Think, Here's Why:

Proper or improper moisture control can seriously affect a number of different things that you might not realize. Some of these include:

  • Comfort level: a humid or musty space that lacks proper moisture control can cause major discomfort for you and others. Ensure your home or office is comfortable for all with moisture control.
  • HVAC system functionality: Having increased levels of moisture in the air can actually cause your system to work overtime to maintain a desirable temperature.
  • Dust & other particles: Using a Dehumidifier can impact the amount of dust particles in the air.
  • Sickness: increasing the level of humidity over colder months can actually decrease the chance of germs and sickness spreading through the air.

Contact Foothills Moisture Solutions to learn more.

How Can our Moisture Solutions Team Help You?

The talented, experienced crew at Foothills Moisture Solutions works hard to eradicate fungi problems and improve our clients' indoor air quality in Easley, Greenville and the surrounding Upstate South Carolina area. Our moisture solutions contractors will:

Reach out to Foothills Moisture Solutions as soon as possible to get started on your fungi remediation, or basement moisture solutions project.

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