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Repair Moisture Damage in Your Crawlspace

Crawlspace Repair Services in Easley and Greenville, SC

Does your home feel damp? Does spending too much time indoors make your throat hurt? If you answered "yes" to either of these, you could have a moisture problem in your crawlspace. After a huge rainstorm or during a particularly humid summer, moisture can become trapped in your crawlspace, which allows fungi to grow.

Don't worry - the talented moisture solution experts at Foothills Moisture Solutions will:

  • Build a French Drain to Remove Excess Water
  • Install Moisture Barriers to Reduce Moisture in Floors and Walls
  • Repair Your Sump Pump to Prevent Indoor Flooding
  • Install a Dehumidifier to Remove Moisture from the Air
  • Install and Encapsulate to Reduce Moisture and Humidity in the Crawlspace

Call 864-269-8555 to start protecting your property from moisture.

If you suspect your indoor air quality problems begin in your crawlspace, contact Foothills Moisture Solutions in Easley and Greenville, SC to inspect your property ASAP.