My parents had a sump pump installed in their crawl space this summer by Foothills and what a great job they did! Their installation took place during the dead of summer when it was 95+ outside. Never once did anyone complain and the entire team was professional and efficient.

My parents had a huge water problem for years and finally broke down to get the sump pump installed. We have had numerous rain storms since and the sump pump has worked wonderfully! My parents were so pleased and impressed with the job done that they hired them to come back for some termite services. Top notch company that you can trust to do a great job and at a reasonable price!

Brittany Z

I have been battling water in my crawl space for years but didn't want to shell out the money to get it fixed. I finally decided to get it taken care of and a friend recommended that I call Foothills.

I am glad I did! Jamie came out the next day to take a look and he was courteous, knowledgable and very professional. He talked me through the options and gave me a price that was very reasonable for the amount of work required. The guys came out and knocked it out in 2 days and were very efficient and skilled with their work.

Excellent company and I highly recommend them.

Jeff H